Our Mission

We wanted to create a site that was independent of vendor influence and 100% pro-consumer based for Games and Hardware. Too many review sites only scratch the surface for games and technology hardware while providing inconsistent formats. BenchSpotter was created to fix this issue and provide relevant information on hardware and games we thoroughly tested with a consistent review format. This is enablement for consumers to have a central location to review their buying options and become informed based on defined criteria.



Keep in mind that we only review games we have either completed or nearly completed, and this takes a lot of time. Unlike most reviewers, I don't want to provide a review of hardware or games that have minimal testing and haven't been thoroughly vetted. With all of that said, please have patience with me as I try to ensure the quality and format of each review. I might also mention, this site was built secondary to my regular job and will continue to evolve as time permits.



This site contains information gathered through various tools, instruments, and software. Controls are placed on each benchmark run, and each piece of hardware or game being tested will carry the same conditions as those before it. Benchmarks provided are intended to give visibility on a game or piece of hardware concerning its cost and perceived value.

It's essential for us to set the correct expectation before you view any content on this site. Remember, this site was created for you (the consumer) and it's meant to enable you to purchase the best product or game for your budget.

BenchSpotter is not big enough (yet), to have samples provided or given by vendors and thus all hardware being used has been purchased by us. We will clearly mark what has been provided by vendors when that changes, and we won't accept free samples if the review restrictions could skew results or outcomes.



In simple terms, how do we make money doing what we do? Honest answer, we don't really. Most hardware and games being reviewed are purchased independently by us. We might get a sample unit randomly, but currently, we have no direct dealings with manufacturers or vendors. Our business model is based around you and your support. This is done through Patreon and Amazon Associate/Affiliate program. I want to keep advertising removed from the site, which means I need your help to keep costs down and content flowing. When you click on products linked in our reviews, this enables purchases through Amazon to support our efforts. If you want a more direct support model, please feel free to contribute at Patreon. In advance, thanks for the support and consideration!