Microsoft Edging Out Sony With Adaptive Refresh

Xbox One X

As a fan of both Console and PC gaming, it's exciting news that Microsoft Xbox (S and X models) will start supporting FreeSync (adaptive refresh) technology!  This is a huge advancement in console technology and will further bridge the gap in gaming experience between consoles and PCs.  For those that are unfamiliar with adaptive refresh technology, both AMD and NVIDIA have been providing this feature with their GPUs for the past 4-5 years.  The idea of adaptive refresh is rather simple, it's intended to remove input lag, screen tearing and micro-stutter distracting gamers from their experience.

For consoles, the idea of adaptive sync is especially attractive as most consoles can't maintain a steady 60 frames-per-second (FPS) or even 30 FPS in particular titles and situations.  With adaptive sync, these moments will no longer seem stuttery or lagging and should greatly increase the smoothness and overall experience for the gamer.

With all the good news, there is a little bad that must follow.  FreeSync and NVIDIA's GSync technology doesn't natively work with all TV or Monitors, but instead specific models are equipped to support adaptive refresh technology.  To further the confusion and/or frustration for buyers, the FreeSync and GSync technologies don't mix and will not support the hardware from both AMD and NVIDIA.

Xbox One S and Xbox One X models will support FreeSync technology that was created by AMD.  This makes perfect sense as PlayStation and Xbox current generation consoles both sport a customized AMD GPU for graphics acceleration.  I was unable to find any TV models that currently support FreeSync, but there are currently over 240+ FreeSync enabled displays on the market from over 20+ partners.

You can read additional information about this press release from AMD directly, here.


We have provided links to the supported consoles below:

Xbox One S
Xbox One X
Xbox One X Limited Edition

Here is a link to supported FreeSync displays:

FreeSync Displays