SanDisk X400 SSD: Performance Review

Now that prices are going down, SSDs have become the new normal for storage and are becoming financially viable for storage needs beyond Operating System. We purchased a SanDisk X400 500GB drive to see how well it performs in productivity and gaming tasks. We should have the content available soon!

Sandisk X400 SSD



Seagate Barracuda Pro vs WD Black: Performance Review

For larger storage needs, I wanted to see how the Barracuda Pro performed against the trusty Western Digital Black. The review is now available here!
Barracuda Pro HDD

World of Warcraft: Rendering API Performance Review

The latest pre-patch (8.0) for World of Warcraft: Battle of Azeroth has hit and with it introduced DirectX 12. We ran middle range hardware from AMD and NVIDIA to see if there are any improvements. The review is now available here!
World of Warcraft - Battle of Azeroth

Seagate FireCuda vs WD Black: Hard Drive Performance Review

I wanted to see how the Seagate FireCuda stacked up against the trusty WD Black series for 3.5-inch HDD performance. The review is now live here!
Seagate FireCuda 3.5-inch 2TB