NVIDIA Kills GPP - The Community Rejoices!

NVIDIA GeForce Partner Program

Don't like the idea of NVIDIA's new GeForce Partner Program (GPP)?  You're in luck because as of this writing, it's been burned and will never be mentioned again! We wrote about the launch of GPP and our initial thoughts about such a program back on March 1st of this year. Thanks to the tremendous outreach to news outlets and the GPU community, NVIDIA finally got the idea and realized their mistake.

The news of GPP was originally broken by Kyle Bennet @ HardOCP. His original research and reporting uncovered how anticompetitive it was destined to be. Personally, my mind is boggled that NVIDIA even believed they could steal all the intellectual property and branding behind such large manufacturing companies like ASUS, Gigabyte, and MSI. These companies already spent time, money and resources to create new branding for the Radeon alternatives.  ASUS created a new series called AREZ and MSI created a new series called MECH.

It seems despite the burning of GPP, Add-In-Board partners seem to be keeping the new branding for Radeon series graphics. Like the substitute teacher, it seems GPP has only created extra busy work and confusion from the normal. On the bright side, the consumer has won and hopefully, NVIDIA has learned what not to do.