Radeon RX Vega Revealed

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has finally released the specs for the highly anticipated RX Vega series graphics cards.  The reveal happened at SIGGRAPH industry conference in Loca Angeles this past Monday (July 31st) with all information directly shared with the press attending.  This event was not streamed for whatever reason but videos and slide content was made available to the public.  Below you can see the introduction video that shares some information about RX Vega and what to expect.



Here are the final specs on each model and what you sould expect upon release:


  Vega 64 Liquid Vega 64 Vega 56
Compute Units 64 64 56
Stream Processors 4096 4096 3584
Base Frequency (MHz) 1406 1247 1156
Boost Frequency (MHz) 1677 1677 1471
Memory 8GB HMB2 8GB HMB2 8GB HBM2
Memory Bus 2048-bit 2048-bit 2048-bit
Memory Bandwidth 483.8GB/s 483.8GB/s 410GB/s
TFLOPS 13.7 12.7 10.5
TDP 345 295 210
Price $699 $499 $399


Given the specifications, it's clear that RX Vega is a rather large chip and has the same number of compute units and stream processors as the Fury X.  The RX Vega series does have a smaller Memory Bus compared to Fury X (down from 4096-bit to the 2048-bit) on all RX Vega models.  We did receive a few performance graphs to help keep this in context of gaming performance and what users should expect.  Read this with a grain of salt as these are published by AMD and third party supplied benchmarks have not been completed yet.


Vega Release: Battlefield 1

Vega Release: Doom


Finally, here are some pictures of the reference design you can expect for the initial launch until AIB partners can create their own variants.


Vega Release: Family