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DOTA 2: Weather Performance Impact




Seeing how normal testing provides minor fluctuation in AVG frames-per-second, we decided to adjust the visual quality so 60 FPS could be achieved. This would be something a typical player would adjust to ensure a smooth-"ish" gameplay anyways. With that, we have included a screenshot of the settings used to achieve a near AVG FPS of 60. As you can tell from the chart, Sirocco still has a large impact and it's actually increased from 13% to a whopping 22.3% now.



Seeing how the percentage has increased with our weaker iGPU, I think it's safe to say all weather effects would increase too. It's this type of testing that really shows how much people are giving up for simple effects and that it really could ruin your gaming experience. Personally, I could feel the difference between an average 60 FPS and the drop to 49 and during large team fights, I'm sure it would hurt more.