Jensen Huang
13 Aug

NVIDIA: Cryptocurrencies Are Here To Stay

This year has been hard on system builders and PCMR members looking to purchase that upgrade in the GPU department. Due to the increase in demand thanks to cryptocurrencies (specifically Ethereum), it has been near impossible to find any GTX 1070 or 1060 from the green team and any AMD RX 580, 570, 470 or 480 GPUs from the red team. The influx of EBay offers for these cards and their inflated prices have driven normal users to sell high and earn some extra cash while waiting for Vega.

The International 2017 - DOTA 2 Nvidia GPU
03 Aug

The International 2017 - DOTA 2: Nvidia Official Graphics

It's recently been announced that Nvidia will be the official graphcs (GPU) of The International 2017.  This is the largest DOTA 2 tournament held yearly and directly backed by Valve Software (creators of DOTA 2).  With DOTA 2 being a huge eSports title, this seems like a major win for Nvidia.  Several players are known to have sponsers but a direct sponsership by Nvidia with Valve should speak volumes for Nvidia sales and branding.


Nvidia eGPU
03 Aug

Nvidia External GPUs: Bringing More Creative Power to Millions

At Siggraph, Nvidia announced a new eGPU (External GPU) case that enables creative artists and designers use of a full sized GPU (Quadro® or TITAN Xp).  They cleam that 25 million artists and content creators exist and can now leverage their powerful full sized GPUs to enhace their creation efforts.

Nvidia Titan Xp
03 Aug

TITAN Xp Driver Update: Unlocks Additional Performance

Right on the heals of Vega launch, Nvidia released a new driver (July 31st) that seems to increase performance by 300%.  This is specific to applications like Maya and are meant to benefit the creators (sorry gamers).